@KingMob nope, but if you already know of an edgy instance, you can probably use fediverse.space to find more B-)

@selea yeah, it’s unfortunate that it’s quite an intensive visualization! but i think that’s the nature of drawing such a large graph in a browser :)

fediverse.space is a tool to visualize instances in the fediverse. It’s a way to understand the communities that exist on here and to help people discover new instances.

It’s a libre and open-source project, and development can be followed on GitLab: gitlab.com/taobojlen/fediverse

There’s a lot planned for the coming months, especially supporting more types of fediverse servers. Feedback is more than welcome — feel free to contact us here or on GitLab with ideas/suggestions!

having lots of fun with graphing libraries today 🌐 experimenting with new, improved layouts for fediverse.space!


one spooky instance