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To change everything, we need everyone. It is time for all of us to unleash mass resistance – we urge the adults to join us. On September 20th we call for a global general strike. #FridaysForFuture #ClimateStrike

ok who decided to schedule empress of, yaeji, fka twigs, and charli xcx so that they all overlap

i am READY to get out of edinburgh for 3 months

gosh dang i am excited for primavera

oat boosted is a tool to visualize instances in the fediverse. It’s a way to understand the communities that exist on here and to help people discover new instances.

It’s a libre and open-source project, and development can be followed on GitLab:

There’s a lot planned for the coming months, especially supporting more types of fediverse servers. Feedback is more than welcome — feel free to contact us here or on GitLab with ideas/suggestions!

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There's another angle to this. The fediverse is large, and its participants who are not Mastodon have different ideas and design philosophies. Some of them are publishing all sorts of lists and quotes and strike-through items. And when those posts show up on Mastodon, those visuals are lost.

That is not ideal, when it happens! But interoperability between systems with different goals and capabilities can't ever be full, it's a spectrum.

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The conversation with Todd from Purism was completely unproductive in my mind. In his view, there are only two possible options for moderation:

• Become a complete censorship machine with a slippery slope of who can or cannot speak

• Go by the jurisdiction users are in, hiding content illegal in certain jurisdictions and then removing content illegal in the poster's jurisdiction, for example a Chinese user's dissent against the Chinese gov't would be removed.

There are two problems that I brought up that, being that:

• Purism would be participating in the injustices of those countries

• Legal but harmful content would still be allowed, thus spreading harm.

I felt completely ignored when trying to get this across to him, especially that last bit. I also tried explaining to him that a slippery slope does not exist when you have set principles that you stick to within rules, but that completely flew over his head. It also ended with him basically telling me to solve the problem with a solution that works for every country everywhere and then get back to him. So, the block & boycott of Purism continues.
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With the recent #WhatsApp security issue, many people recommend #Keybase as alternative. Personally however, I certainly prefer products that own their security issues: And I'm not the only one who made such experience with the Keybase team. #infosec

my main question — can i just DELETE FROM statuses WHERE date < ...?

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does anyone know of resources on pruning a mastodon database? it'll keep growing linearly, as far as i can tell, but for this single-user instance i really don't mind if i only keep e.g. toots from the last few months in the database.

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is it even possible to learn about category theory without having a pretty deep grasp on many other fields of mathematics

started reading a book on category theory and i'm on page 2 and already deeply confused

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