i've been reading the Culture novels and i'm getting strooong cravings to play eve online


are there even leftist guilds on eve?

@tao I looked in around 2015 and found some "lefitst" groups that were more "technolibertarian" in belief and "didn't care to role-play those views at all" in practice. :(

@emsenn yeah that's sorta what i was worried about! like their guilds are called corporations iirc; seems like it'd attract more right-libertarians than anything

@tao I have this notion that Eve is actually partially responsible for American Libertarians becoming the post-modern conservatives we have today, by putting in front of them a rigged system and demonstrating that centralized coercion is the best way to keep it rigged in your favor.

I can't recall literally a single game name but I'll try and make time to put together a list of games I play instead of Eve.

@emsenn yes! i'd definitely be very interested in reading such a list :)

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